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Rates Notice:

Shipping a TV with RedX?

We will insure your TV for 5% of the CIF once the TV is Crated (Contact us for Crating Options)
Pay No Insurance and Ship at your Own Risk.

Where / How do I enter my REDX ID and Address?
Enter this information exactly as it is below into the “Shipping Address” fields on the checkout page when purchasing from your favorite store or supplier. NAME: Jane Doe Address line 1: 9949 NW 89th Ave Address line 2: Unit 6, REDX-XXXXX City: Medley State: Florida Zip Code: 33178-1465 Country: USA (Always be sure to insert your REDX ID number as part of your address to avoid delays in getting your package)
What can I ship via REDXpress?
Just about anything can be shipped with REDXpress. However keep in mind that the cargo is transported via air freight so extremely large/ heavy items may not qualify or may be less economical. Also, there are some restricted items, generally, camouflaged, highly flammable, and pressurized containers are restricted. Some items may even require a special import license. Call our office or drop us a line at if you have any questions in this regard.
Can I ship a TV?
We strongly advise you to insure your TV before it leaves your vendor. REDX is not responsible for any damage in transit. We do provide bubble wrapping services at an additional cost, should you wish to request this we can quote based on the size of the package.
What if I need a package picked up in Miami?
Our Miami office can facilitate package pickups, should you be interested in this please notify us via email and provide us with a. number of pieces b. weight c. location and we will provide you with a quote for your approval.
Can friends/family use my account?
When using your account for others please ensure that they use your name and information as the ‘consignee’ otherwise when it gets to our warehouse in Miami it will end up in the ‘Unknown” bin. Alternatively, you can have them sign up for an account of their own, there is no sign-up cost and this may relieve you of the hassle – let us do the work for you!
Must I submit an invoice?
You must submit an invoice via email to as soon as your packages are shipped for us to clear your item with customs.  This invoice is used to upload a value to CUSTOMS online portal which allows us to clear your package.  The actual invoice then is printed and presented when clearing.  Kindly note that the invoice must be from your supplier, please do not create your own invoice as this will not be accepted by customs.
How do I ensure that my goods are tax exempted?
Some items are exempted from duties and taxes charges. When shipping these items ensure they are packaged independently to benefit from these exemptions.
How long will it take to get my package?
Our standard is to have packages delivered to you or available at a pick-up point within one week of their arrival at your REDXpress address. If delays take place our Customer Care Unit will provide you with ball by ball updates.

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